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Hi, I'm Matt and I'm a professional guitarist and guitar teacher, helping you learn to play the guitar online or from the comfort of your own home in the Hertfordshire area.

With over a decade of experience in performing and recording and a lifetime of musical study, I have taught thousands of guitar lessons and hundreds of students of all ages and abilities how to play the guitar - to achieve their musical goals and enjoy the happiness, fulfilment and feeling of wholeness playing a musical instrument can bring.


Rhiannon - 3 Year Student

“Matt has deep industry knowledge and connections which enables him to teach some techniques that you might not learn from anywhere else. His lessons are really engaging and I always come out of his lessons with so much more knowledge. He has also given me the confidence to study music at University – without him, I don’t think I’d be where I am right now. I would really recommend Matt as your teacher if you’re a beginner or if you would like some lessons just to top up your skills.”

Thomas - 5 Year Student

"I have learnt a lot from Matt and really enjoy my lessons. He is very flexible in his approach and mixes practical, technical and theory in his teaching. In his lessons I've tried bass, acoustic and electric guitar and feel his teaching style suits all three and has made me more confident in my playing"

Matthew Rusk -
Founder of

"Matt is equally as skilled at teaching guitar as he is at playing it, working closely with the students to help them learn through playing the music that they love. This student-focused approach has seen him quickly become one of the leading guitar tutors in Cheshunt and his desire to continue to develop as a guitarist and guitar teacher will see him continue to draw in students from across Hertfordshire to take lessons with him."
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