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Guitar Teching For Kelsy Karter & The Heroines

At the end of last year I had the absolute pleasure to guitar tech for the evening for Kelsy Karter and The Heroines, and Adam Slack and The Bangers at The Hairy Dog in Derby. The role included, tuning and maintaining the guitars for Matt, Kelsy and Adam both before the gig and as the setlist and tunings changed throughout the evening, line checking the amplifiers and piezo guitars before the artists went on and swapping out and passing their guitars over to them between songs where necessary. Oh, and getting up to play on songs they needed a third guitar part on! It was an absolute delight to look after so many gorgeous guitars, but I certainly had my hands full! On the list was: 1.Blue Sparkle Gretsch Hollowbody 2.Matt’s custom made ‘Grace’ Les Paul 3. A Gibson Les Paul Custom Light 4. 1976 Black Les Paul Custom 5. Kelsy’s Fender Strat 6. Adam’s Vintage White Les Paul Custom 7. Vintage Gibson 175 8. My own Gibson Les Paul Standard On the set lists below, you can see how the different guitars were used for different songs, and even swapped tunings throughout the setlist where needed.

Despite so many great moments throughout the evening, my highlight had to be playing through this gorgeous purple 4x12 Marshall speaker cabinet, formerly owned by Slash!

Pictures of the guitars being played on stage below! Photo Credit to Faye Stacey & Oolay Photography. As always for any tips, lessons or advice feel free to send me an enquiry and I'd be happy to help! All my best, Matt.


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