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How Lockdown Changed The Way I Teach Guitar- Online Guitar Lessons

A couple of years ago, in the height of the pandemic I was asked to write an article as a guest blogger for RSL awards, for anyone who doesn’t know RSL, they are the governing body for the Rockschool guitar exam board among many more. I took the Rockschool exams myself when I was a younger student, and have taken many students through them in my teaching practice since. This was a wonderful opportunity, so I gladly accepted! The article is all about the challenges the pandemic and lockdowns posed for music teachers, how all gigs, recording sessions and face-to-face lessons had to grind to an unfortunate halt and how I then adapted my teaching from face-to-face to online guitar lessons. I then delve into the process of setting up my online teaching studio, migrating to online teaching, getting to grips with Zoom/Skype and preparing students for their examinations to also be completed online. Usually RSL exams would take place face-to-face so this process was new for everybody and a great opportunity to adapt to the new syllabus and continue our exciting musical journeys. If you would like to read the article itself, please click here. All my best, Matt.


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